Randy’s Stance on the Issues

Key Issues

It is time to bring back common-sense government!  We need a government that is fiscally responsible, lives within its means, and lowers the cost of doing business in our state.  This election is about putting people before politics.

Reforming State Government:

We have seen ten years of budget deficits, job losses, financial hardship, waste, abuse, and political corruption.  Our state government’s total annual budget is more than fifty billion dollars.  The money being spent is taxpayer money—your money.  It’s not the government’s money, but you wouldn’t know it listening to those controlling the political process.  We need elected officials who speak for the taxpayers paying the bills.  We need a senator whose votes are not determined by pressure from special interests or Chicago machine politics.

In order to restore prosperity and integrity to the great state of Illinois, we need new leadership.  Fresh eyes looking at our problems will find new, more efficient solutions at less cost to you, the taxpayer.

Bringing Jobs Back to Illinois:

Democrat leaders took control of the General Assembly in January 2003, along with John Sullivan.  After nearly ten years of failed policies, Illinois job growth ranks 49th among the 50 states.  Illinois has lost one-third of its manufacturing jobs during that time, and Illinois companies are relocating to states with pro-growth economic policies, taking our jobs with them.  The current government and its policies have failed the people of Illinois.

People are hurting and the time to fix the economy is overdue.  It’s time for government, business, and labor to get serious about doing what it takes to bring jobs back to Illinois.  We must remove roadblocks to growth.  Excessive regulation, fees, and taxes choke businesses and kill jobs.  To be competitive with our neighboring states and the world we must reform workers’ compensation and pass laws that protect businesses from frivolous lawsuits.

I’ve been a small business owner and a public servant.  Having seen our state’s economy from every side, I can work with businessmen and labor leaders to make Illinois an attractive place for business.  We must reform the regulatory environment to reduce the cost of doing business in Illinois.  Job creation is the key to fixing our state budget mess.

Restoring Fiscal Responsibility:

We aren’t in this mess because state government taxed too little; we’re in this mess because state government spent more money than it had.  The Democrat-run legislature made promises beyond our ability to pay.  Now, because of the same Democrats who passed the largest state income tax increase in history, we the people of Illinois must pay more of our hard-earned money—about a thousand dollars more each year for the average family.  I will support legislation that repeals this tax increase.

We need to have a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility in Springfield.  As a small businessman, I would rather have working people decide how to spend their money instead of the government spending it for them.  It’s your money, and I will aggressively look for ways to make government take less of it and be more responsible with the tax dollars it already receives.

Illinois government must live within its means.  We must consistently pay our bills on time, and we must not spend what we don’t have.  I want to be your voice in Springfield, bringing a fresh perspective and finding better ways to cut spending without sacrificing the quality of essential services.  I am adamantly opposed to raising taxes on families and businesses that have already tightened their belts.  It is time for the government to tighten its own belt.  I will fight to reduce government spending.

Protecting the Second Amendment:

The Second Amendment recognizes your individual right to keep and bear arms and it should be protected.  I will vote accordingly. I support concealed carry and think Illinois should join the other 49 states and make it the law of the land.  One of the first bills I will propose will be a conceal and carry bill.

Protecting the Rights of the Unborn:

The Right to Life is part of our nation’s Declaration of Independence.  I believe that life begins at conception, and I will support legislation that protects the unborn and the life of the mother.

Providing Education:

Education will be a top priority for me in Springfield.  Receiving a quality education is vital for a child’s success, and I am a strong advocate for the public school system.  It is important to provide the best education available for our kids so that they may excel as adults.
To ensure that schools have the resources necessary to prepare our children for a successful future, we must live up to our responsibilities and pay our schools on time.
My wife, Ronda, is a teacher.  Our family recognizes the valuable contributions of teachers making a difference and educating our students each day.


I will advocate for transparency in our state government.  I believe that our constituents in this state deserve to be able to contact their representatives to let their voices be heard on legislation that is being proposed.  I will advocate for a 24 hour window where the taxpayers and the media can examine the details of the bills.  I believe that we work for the taxpayers so they should be aware of legislation that will impact their daily lives.

Term Limits:

I am a believer in term limits.  I will self impose a term limit of ten years on myself and work to promote this throughout the House and Senate.  I especially believe our leadership needs to be term limited.  This will help prevent special interest groups from controlling our state government with their high levels of contributions.  You shouldn’t be able to buy a candidate’s support, and unfortunately, oftentimes candidates accept money for their campaigns and then owe their support to that group as opposed to voters.  I want to work to prevent that from happening.

Legislative Pay and Benefits:

I believe that legislative salaries need to be frozen at their current state.  I do not think that the taxpayers need to keep providing raises to a legislature that has been so reckless with our state’s finances.  I will not take a pay increase and will not participate in the benefits system.  I also will refuse to participate in the Legislative Pension system.  I believe this puts me at a better place to negotiate on behalf of the taxpayers of Western Illinois.  I’ll be there representing them and their interests as opposed to my own.